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Let me introduce myself, my name is Sylvia Peel (nee Morris) this web site is in memory of my brother Ken Morris who died in Perth Australia in 1970. He will be remembered always.

Ken loved life and was always the adventurer, no boring games for him, like kicking a ball around a football field “11 grown men kicking a ball” “daft” he would say, it was always the more adventure’s stuff that interested him, like potholing, scuba diving and deep sea diving,  We had some great times together Ken and myself my husband Bev and Kens girlfriend of many years Lorraine, inseparable we were.

One cold winters evening we all decided (Ken being the ideas man) on an overland trip to Australia, thought it would be another adventure as Ken had already had a few adventures driving over to Morocco and Marrakesh in an old converted Ford Pop Car. I say converted because he had taken out all seats except the driver’s seat to make sleeping room.

He had also worked in Gibraltar for a while, kitting out a boat for someone who wanted him and another chap to sail the boat back to the UK for him, which they tried to do but due to bad weather in the Bay of Biscay they had to turn back to Gibraltar.

So after buying a 4 wheel drive Land Rover and kitting it out with bunk beds etc off we set.

After stopping for a last ‘Wimpy’ (hamburger) in Dover we drove onto the car ferry to Calais France on the first leg of our ‘drive’ to Australia, never really thinking we would make it all the way.

After a trip that took almost 5 months with lots of adventures we did manage to reach Australia.
With the help of Lee and Pat a couple we met in Tehran where we had come to a stop, not having the funds to buy a Carnet du Passage without which we couldn’t drive through countries like Afghanistan, Pakistan and India, Pat was the only one of us with a cheque book, and so she bought the Carnet for us all  from the Iranian RAC  enabling us to carry on our adventure, I might add she didn’t have any money in the bank just a cheque book!!!(The Iranian RAC holds the cheque until the Carnet is used and returned)  So with the Carnet duly returned to the relevant RAC auto society in Iran once we arrived in Malaya.

Unfortunately we lost Lee and Pat somewhere in Pakistan and wondered often if they made it to Australian.

Ken wrote a log and diary of the overland trip and started to write a diary on our arrival in Australia before his untimely death. And since I have got a bit more proficient in using the Internet (compiling my family tree) I thought it would be nice to publish Ken’s diary and itinerary to the World Wide Web in his memory.

10 Responses to About

  1. Barb

    How lovely Sylvia, it must have been wonderful to have all those adventures. You brother sounds a lovely person.

  2. Nicky

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful account in your brother’s memory. You are a gifted writer and I can tell you love your brother very much!

  3. Jean

    It was a fantastic trip Syl…wonderful memories of an amazing brother xx

  4. Jean

    He was an amazing brother …wonderful memories Syl x

  5. Sue

    What a great adventure and wonderful memories…your brother must have been wonderful x

  6. Marie

    What a wonderful adventure and lots of memories to look back on.

  7. Stephen Peel

    Hi Aunty Sylvia, whenever I get the chance to tell people this story, I do. It’s a great adventure and some of the things you got up to.

    Steve xxxxx

    • sylviapeel53

      Thanks Steve, will look forward to hearing about your adventures..

      Hi Steve
      Thanks for that, will look forward to hearing about your adventures..

      Have just been over to Yorkshire for my mums funeral she died a week before her 93rd birthday,

      Take very good care on your travels the worlds a different place since the 70’s !! or is it??? Syl x

  8. Mavis Griffiths

    Sylvia Thanks for including me in your memories wish I had been as adventurous what happy memories you have x

  9. Lynne

    Thanks Sylvia for giving me access to this fantastic adventure! What unforgettable memories you must have. And a fitting tribute to your brother who shines through these diary entries. X

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